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From a single page website to professional business and enterprise, we’ve got you covered!


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Unlimited Domain
Zero Click Install
Unlimited Bandwidth
FREE Private SSL

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Free SSL for every website

SSL helps website not only to secure themeselves but be trusted by users or clients. In addistion, it helps Search Engine Optimization (SEO). U Igloo provides free powerful SSL for all your websites.

Zero-click Installation

You might be familiar with one-click installation. Our team thought one click is still a lot. With the professional team at U Igloo we take care of the installation for you

Affordable Hosting

We always do our best to keep the costs low while bringing the quality of services to highest

Super Sonic

Our servers provide large amount of Bandwidth Per Second. This help websites on our servers to be loaded faster. Besides. thanks to our Nginx-Apache integration, Any action on our server takes less than a millisecond

Cloud Technolgy

Feel free like clouds. Be elastic and expand as much as you want. We provide option to upgrade/downgrade anytime.

Don't forget U Igloo guarantees

Fastest SSD Servers

Speed is number one key to success in such a fast-pacing world. We take this seriously too for our customer and with our SSD servers move faster than ever.

Money Back Guarantee

No pressure for you. We love to host you in our igloo but your choice. If you prefer to leave then no problem we will fully refund with no question asked

Unlimited Support Tickets

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Frequent Asked Questions

VPS is a virtual server where a few users share one server. On the other hand, Shared hosting is a method for sharing a few required resources of a server by many users which is why shared hosting is cheapest option and optimal for many users

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